Here Lies – A Review of ARKD’s New Album

Zoey Sugar is a performer that doesn’t get the same amount of press as some of her female counterparts. She has appeared in some very well known music videos including the video for “We Are Not Alone” by Nine Inch Nails and has done sound work for tracks by Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem and Pulky – the latter two of which are very well known and respected. In fact, all her music has appeared in some form on television or other media. If you want to get involved in the music business then you should definitely listen to her music. Below we take a quick look at her music and how Zoey Sugar can benefit you with her new album.

Camsoda is out now and it is called It’s Showtime. In the video for “We Are Not Alone” off of Camsoda’s first album Remember You, Zoey performs along side the band from We Are Not Alone and they also play some of their hits from the first album. This is an exciting album and one that have had high reviews from both fans and critics. You’ll have fun listening to the original versions of these songs and hopefully will enjoy the new ones even more. In the video the band includes members from Kaleidoscope, Tame Impala, Sparkleton, Skye Baucoma and Chromeo. I love watching this band perform live and if you haven’t been able to see them live then you should definitely do so.

If you love watching music videos then you’ll love this video because it features everything you love about music videos. We watched the video over again because it’s just so good. The style, the choreography, everything about it is really something special.

In this video we also got to see Zoey sing along to some of her new songs and even get to perform some of her old favorites such as the crazy song she did for the video for Here Lies Love. The video for Here Lies Love was really emotional because it featured the singer lying on the side of a bridge looking at the ocean and playing with a toy sea turtle. It was a great video and it made me smile every time I watched it.

Overall, Zoey is a very nice girl and she certainly knows how to get the job done. She has a very sweet look to her and when she is singing she sings with emotion and passion. She is definitely one of the best new members of ARKD. They are all very nice and you can tell that they put some serious effort into making the video and making the album. It shows.

One other thing that I liked about ARKD is that they play some of their older songs on the new songs. On Here Lies Love, they played some of the old stuff from Blowin’ In The Wind. It was a nice touch and something that definitely made me enjoy watching them. If you haven’t checked out Zoey Sugar then you should definitely check out the new videos for Here Lies Love, because they are well worth watching.