Share Your Experiences With Family and Friends All Over the World

SoFiASEX Hot Messaging is a free web cam chat application that provides real time free video chat (audio chat, video chat) access from mobile devices. The application integrates seamlessly with popular instant messaging and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MSN Messenger. It can be used anywhere there is a Web Camera and Internet availability. Features include:

HD Web Video Support: Video Chat Hosting from Sofmic is provided by Sofmic’s high speed broadband Internet access service. You can view live and recorded videos from Sofmic using Sofmic’s Hot Messaging feature. You can chat and shoot live video clips with others who are located around the world. This HD quality video compression technology allows users to view video chats from any internet connection or computer with an acceptable bit rate. You can use sofiasexhot conveniently anywhere at anytime.

Large and High DPI Resolution Images: You can zoom in and out of your webcam shots using the cam4’s zoom feature. You can also view your webcam photos in high DPI resolution with the sofiasexhot. High DPI means that your images will be enlarged to fill the available screen space. You can zoom in and out of any photo or video you want to use the cam’s zoom feature. You can also watch your webcam videos in high DPI resolution using Sofmic’s live streaming feature.

Upload Your Photos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr: You can easily upload your webcam photos using the cam’s on demand recording function. All you have to do is select the files you want to upload and follow the on demand recording process. The uploaded files are immediately available for you. You can view all uploaded photos on the web, view camper’s comments, and you can even rate and comment on them. The capabilities of the sofiasexhot enable you to share your experiences with family and friends all over the world.

Share Your Experiences With Business and Personal Friends: If you want to show your friends and family your webcam pictures, you can easily do so using the on demand recording function of the sofiasexhot. The large LCD display provides you clear and crisp video views so that your friends and family members who are far away can easily view them. The features of the cam makes it very easy to use and therefore, it has become very popular amongst all types of people.

The prices of the sofiasexhot range from around $150 to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the brand that you choose. Most of them are affordable so that everyone can afford them. They also offer free shipping for an entire year from any major city in the US.