Rangel Carso Escapes His First WWE Match

It appears that Rangel Ruldolph is going to be part of the WWE roster. He recently did an interview with ESPN in which he confirmed he had talked to Vince about a possible WWE return. Also in the interview he indicated that he has no bad feelings towards Sting and that he used to be friends with the former ECW star. When asked what his secret to success was he said: “Friendship”. Many WWE wrestlers have friends in different companies, so it will be interesting to see if Rangel can make the same type of impact in WWE as he did in TNA.

Rangel was in TNA for a little while but was let go just before the end of their contract. However, he does have a full contract with Impact Wrestling and they are working on a heel turn. He’s a big name and already has a reputation in wrestling circles. The people in TNA liked him because he wasn’t afraid to get into the ring and sell out and anybody who watched his matches with the TNA crew could tell you exactly how good he was.

A heel turn is something that many wrestlers dream about but aren’t able to achieve. A heel turn is when a wrestler who used to be a big guy is now going against smaller people. The heel turn is usually something that would be very difficult for a bigger guy to achieve. Rangel is an example of someone who would be able to do a heel turn, but then got beat down by smaller guys in TNA.

One reason why Rangel might not be able to do a turn at a later date is because he hasn’t proven himself to the company yet. He’s been on the company for a little over a year and hasn’t proven himself to be anything more than just a big name in the company. Right now Rangel is just another guy in the company trying to prove to the company that he can still be a top notch wrestler. He should start turning heads in the company soon though. The company likes guys like Rangel who are still hungry and ready to challenge themselves in the ring.

Right now, Rangel is working mainly in a tag match where he’s supposed to throw his Spanish partner, “Paparazzi” off of him in a match. The problem with this match though is that Rangel isn’t really sure whether or not he’ll be able to get a big win over “Paparazzi”. There have been other wrestlers that have struggled with getting a big match against big names in the company like Jeff Hardy. Rangel needs to continue to get his confidence from inside the company and build more on his pinfall prowess if he wants to turn his heel turn into a successful match with “Paparazzi”.

A heel turn is always possible in the company, even if you’re not the biggest name. A lot of wrestlers have done it in the past and they just get over the idea. They figure out that it’s alright to go into the match on a losing attitude if they don’t come out on top. With Rangel, he has to continue to gain more confidence so he can turn his heel turn into a winning one. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all works out in the near future.