My Little Miss Mila

My Little Miss Mila is a live wallpaper application for the Apple ios. It has over 3600 icons and hundreds of wallpapers to change the mood of your device. It can be used as a Live Wallpaper or as a Sleep Wallpaper. If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend using My Little Miss Mila because it does everything that a free wallpaper application could do but for a much lower price.

I use My Little Miss Mila everyday on my iPhone for a couple different reasons. The first reason is purely and simply to relax. Having an image full of colors and animation on my phone makes me feel good. It almost always makes me feel good and the green backgrounds really do make things pop. Another reason that I like the application so much is because of the wallpapers. The wallpapers change every hour and they change depending on what day it is.

My Little Miss Mila is completely free, so you should really not let that get you down. If you use an application that requires you to buy something or pay to download then it really is not free. When you use an application that is free like My Little Miss Mila you are getting a completely free version of the program. After you download the application you can never go back to the paid version because the company always remove everything they have done to the application.

My Little Miss Mila also gives you the option of changing your colors every day or changing them every week or month. You can change your background any time you like. Wallpapers change every time you enter or leave your room. With this application you have no limits on your wallpaper sessions.

Now, you might think that a free application has nothing good to offer, but you are wrong. My Little Miss Mila has an application that really makes your life easier. The application allows you to save all your wallpapers in a folder, which you can access by clicking on the “My Little Miss Mila” icon that is located in the bottom left corner on the desktop. The application also allows you to change your background any time you want by simply clicking on the wallpaper of your choice.

In addition to changing your wallpapers every day you can also set up scheduled events. For example, every Monday morning you can click on the “Mondays” icon in order to see which pictures will be of the most importance to you. So, if your favorite picture is of your baby, you can set it up so that every Monday morning you will get a picture of your baby’s smiling face. My Little Miss Mila gives you all these functions for one low price, so you should definitely try it out.