Costa Rica Shark Attack

Lissanascott is a Peruvian girl who was abandoned by her birth parents when she was young. Now she works as a lifeguard and swims for fun at a nearby hotel. She is athletic and strong, has long brown hair, nice amber eyes, and mouthy sweet temper. Lissanascott always seems lost in time when she is helping the other lifeguards on the job because she doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. The job is to swim the line in order to prevent shark attacks.

One day, two men from the hotel came to swim and accidentally bump into one of the lifeguards. They are thrown out the pool and taken to the hospital with severe injuries. When the doctors tell him that one of the injuries is a broken femoral artery, Lissanascott is overjoyed that she can help the guys.

Lissanascott is a great swimmer, but she is not strong enough to handle a shark coming at her. Unfortunately, the first shark attack ends in the death of one of the lifeguards. Not wanting to lose another life, Lissanascott decides that she will have to train to be a lifeguard in case something else like this happens. She enrolls in one of the local courses, named Costa Rica’s shark defense program, which is run by Grant Wilson, a well-known and respected shark hunter. Wilson is very familiar with Costa Rica’s ocean and has trained a lot of the local fishermen to look out for sharks.

Lissanascott’s family lives on the beach, so she is accustomed to the sea creatures that live near the beach. However, on this particular day, she is swimming alone when a big group of sharks attack her. Fortunately, she is not hit directly, but she is knocked unconscious for a few moments. While she is down, she manages to call after one of the swimmers, who comes in to find her in the water, too. The man then goes to get medical attention while the other paramedics arrive.

Sadly, the man passes away just a short time later, but by then it is too late. As the ambulance arrives, Lissanascott is pronounced dead. Her father, frantic at not being able to save his daughter, runs to the beach and sees the body of his wife with a large hook protruding from her neck. He immediately goes to the police station and reports them of a shark attack. Costa Rican authorities do not think that the incident was a shark attack, because there were no signs of shark activity nearby.

Neighbors and friends are notified of Lissanascott’s death. There are a lot of questions about what happened at the beach that night, but none of them really want to believe that it was a shark that killed their friend. One neighbor tells everyone that she thinks that it was a dog that bit the woman. Neighbors are told that dogs sometimes get into fights with other dogs and they are sometimes responsible for shark attacks. According to the official Costa Rican police report, there was nothing they could find in the water that matched the description of a shark, so they believe it was a small dog. No charges are filed in the case.