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It’s a fact that many of our most-loved celebrities have Portuguese roots like the ones we see in Bolivianamimi and Friends. Actors with such origins are often referred to as “Bolivians,” which is fitting given how closely they follow their indigenous roots. Just like Bolivianamimi, Friends follows a similar pattern where the characters engage in activities related to their culture. For example, one character, voiced by Jennifer Aniston, wears a boho-style skirt while another, played by Brooks Santarino, serves as an archaeologist whose favorite cultural accessory is a skull (the skull is a symbol of mortality in Bolivian culture). A third character, played by Jason Priestley, is a dancer who wears a bolillo on his head.

Worked for/along with: American idol | marcasite (Season 3, finale) American Idol was one of the most watched shows on the Fox network last year. Many viewers were left confused as to what judges were looking at while watching the show. This confusion was compounded when one of the contestants, Chris Daughtry, was found to be eating crackers while standing in front of a camera. It is not clear if he ingested any crackers during his performance, but it was very easy to miss. This trivial mistake is something that American Idol fans will always remember. Fortunately, video evidence of the episode’s proceedings can easily be found online.

Only slightly less offensive than American Idol, this video features Bolivianan Marcasite performing a sexy foot massage, which is quite the claim to fame for the performer. As is the case with many of the best videos on YouTube, the original version of this video has been uploaded to YouTube without any modifications. However, one may argue that those little “distractions” help to improve the viewing experience. In any case, if you have any plans to upload your own video for the purposes of self-parody, the clip of Bolivianamimi should be considered. In particular, two minutes and forty-two seconds of uninterrupted video are required to perform all the necessary tasks of an effective bolivianamimi.

The second episode of American Idol is due to air on Tuesday, August 5th. If you haven’t caught the show, you should really go out and watch it. Not only will you be entertained but you may also end up boosting your self-esteem as well. As has been said before, the primary purpose of the video clips is to make people laugh and enjoy themselves, so don’t be afraid to use funny swear words and a naughty appearance in order to keep the judges in stitches. If you are having troubles using your English in an English class, you may wish to study the translated subtitles in order to improve your pronunciation.

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