Only Girl Review

The second novel in the Onlygirl series, Angelina and Ivy, is another engrossing read by Nancy Atherton. With her unique take on the characters, Anielli69 gives readers an excellent look at two unlikely lovers who nonetheless find themselves deeply in love with each other. Readers will recognize their own selves in the pages of this charming novel as Anielli69 gives us a feel for what it’s like to have a relationship with one’s parents. She captures the ups and downs of their unique relationship with humor and grace.

One of the most compelling things about Angelina and Ivy is how their friendship blossoms so quickly and completely unlike what occurs in the first novel, Onlygirl. In Only Girl, the bonds between Ivy and her parents were more connected than the two characters ever were. The sense of familial love and devotion was present, but it never felt as though it was actually presence. This was a first for Only Girl, and it allowed authors Nancy Atherton and Jennifer Dawes to create an entirely new cast of characters.

As it is with Onlygirl, Anielli69 takes the reader into the lives of a young woman and her two best friends, Aria and Lilly. Although the book focused more on the friendship between these girls, the emotional and familial bond between them extended to nearly everyone in their lives. Everyone shared some special bond with these three girls, and this end result produced a book that was much more memorable for the writers than it would have been otherwise.

Anielli69 succeeds most brilliantly when she provides a glimpse into the lives of others outside herself. In this novel we are introduced to the dynamic personalities of Aria, Lilly, and Rose. We learn about their pasts, what happened to them as children, and how each of them came to be such remarkable individuals. Through the engaging writing style, Anielli69 draws the reader into each world she creates and gives them fascinating insights into people and their personalities. The author manages to keep the story moving simply because she provides strong characters and a plot that keeps the reader engrossed in what is happening.

Another great aspect of the book is that it sheds light on relationships, both familial and romantic. While it doesn’t offer advice on how to actually meet someone, Anielli69 shares her own experiences in meeting people. She never shirks away her sympathy for those that have lost loved ones, and she never judges anyone who is struggling with finding a place to live. Through the beautiful stories shared by the characters in Only Girl, Anielli69 takes us into the heads of people who can help anyone struggling with love and life.

Only Girl is an extremely entertaining read that contains very real and touching scenes. However, if you don’t enjoy reading about deep personal issues, or if you prefer contemporary fiction that deals more with relationships, Only Girl may not be a good fit for you. However, if you are looking for an interesting, romantic book about three teenage girls and their complex relationships, then you will enjoy reading Only Girl. This is a book about teenagers, but it also deals with human foibles and triumphs.